मोबाइल के तीन बटन का राज कोई नहीं जानता जल्दी देखो वरना पछताओगे| Mobile button secret trick

Touch Lock

“This app uses Accessibility Services.”

Touch Lock prevents touch on screen while watching movies, playing game, etc… Make more user experience, you can enjoy your movies, games, etc… without annoying touch.
Touch Lock also prevents your kid touch on screen, protects your kid from accessing potentially unfavorable content. Your kid can watch free and child-safe YOUTUBE, CARTOONS, SPORTS, KID SHOWS, etc…

★★★ App highlight

★ Locking soft keys & virtual keys such as HOME, RECENT APPS, BACK, etc 100%.
★ Instead of Kids Mode by one touch to lock soft keys & virtual keys.
★ Protecting your kid away from malicious content by lock touch.
★ Making your kid watch movies, cartoons, YouTube,… easier.
★ Playing game easier with lock HOME, RECENT APPS, BACK.
★ No more PAUSING VIDEOS from baby fingers.
★ Easy enable Touch Lock by one tap

★★★ How to use

1. Dropdown notifications bar.
2. Tap Touch Lock icons.
3. Once Touch Lock icon appears on the top right, it’s successfully enabled.
4. To disable Touch Lock, double tap overlay icon on screen or double press HOME button for soft keys lock mode.

★★★ FAQ

Due to Android Policy. Device power button can not be blocked.
To lock/disable touch on screen, you must enable CAN APPEAR ON TOP permission (only for android version 6.0 or higher).
To lock/disable soft keys, virtual keys (HOME, RECENT APPS, BACK, etc…), you must enable accessibility permission.

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